Tortured with Directed Energy Weapons | Microwave Energy Weapons

Tortured with Directed Energy Weapons | Microwave Energy Weapons

I’m being tortured with directed energy weapons / microwave energy weapons. Please help me!!

I am a Turkish filmmaker being tortured with directed energy weapons / microwave energy weapons from a man named Cem Boyner, a rich businessman. See some of my other past posts for more information about him. I don’t want to hurt him, I just want him to stop torturing me with directed energy weapons and microwave energy weapons.

If we have power,

Tortured with Directed Energy Weapons | Microwave Energy Weapons
Tortured with Directed Energy Weapons | Microwave Energy Weapons

Does this mean that we can kill, torture innocent people without a reason?

Does this mean that we are not responsible for our actions?

Does this mean that we can insist on wrong, even if it costs life of people?

Does this mean that we can insist on killing and torture, if we can hide our hands?

Does this mean that we can manipulate truth, just for satisfactory violence?

I am being tortured with Directed Energy Weapons and Microwave Energy Weapons. Today I woke up with electric load and radiation on my left knee. I don’t want anything from Cem Boyner. He has to stop what he’s doing to me, he has no right, he has no reason, he has no fair justification for what he’s doing to me.

Power needs to have common sense, consciousness and responsibility. As long as he can hide it, he will continue this bloody torture.

He told me that I was not the first one and within this technology, within hiding this actions probably I’ll not be his last victim.

I’m an educated person, who’s aware of myself, my rights, what’s happening, but there can be lots of people who won’t have this awareness, whom can be killed and tortured easily without any disturbance.

This satisfactory violence has to stop. I’m a free soul and I will stay as a free soul even if it costs my life.

Tortured by Directed Energy Weapons | Microwave Energy Weapons
Tortured by Directed Energy Weapons | Microwave Energy Weapons |

Best wishes,
Oguz Icsoz

Tortured with Directed Energy Weapons | Microwave Energy Weapons


Cem Boyner is Torturing Me

Cem Boyner is torturing me

A Turkish businessman named Cem Boyner has been attacking me with microwave weapons for many years.

He sometimes, limit or prevent my communication on all platforms including gsm and internet. He’s cutting my calls, sometimes he prevents my facebook messages, he’s deleting my skype, he’s sending virus mail to make block my address in the box with people whom I communicate or I can communicate.

Cem Boyner is Torturing Me
Cem Boyner is Torturing Me

He has probably more than one billion dollars, you can imagine his connections etc. I think he likes violence but he has power to clean it and hide it.

Cem Boyner prevented my all help attempts, reaching independent media, he prevented human rights organizations etc. Lots of activists, journalists, lgbt’s, film producers etc. in Turkey and abroad.

If Turkish state would have done this to me I have lots of friends in Turkey and abroad who would shake the world, I’m a film director, my films screened in international festivals, I have participated exhibitions abroad with my videoarts, I was jury in film festivals, I wrote a TV drama for TRT1, I’m fine arts cinema graduate, I have masters degree on communication design, lots of more things that to write is needless, if this can be done to me, I can’t imagine what can happen to lots of other people. With nature of this technology, with his nice reputation, with his connections this slow killing doesn’t exist.

Cem Boyner was the head of Turkish Businessman Association, he founded a political party in Turkey in past years, I think he’s free mason in high degrees, he has high level connections in Brookings Institute, till now in all my attempts, he tried to invalidate my words and told me that I’m insane, if it is not enough he offered money some other promises, even if that doesn’t work he threatened some of my friends with death who wanted to save me.

Please Help!

PLEASE HELP! My name is Oguz Icsoz I’m a Turkish film director and I’m being tortured for four years by microwave weapons. I need to reach independent media and human rights organizations.

in 1998 last few months in Fabrica I had some tension with Toscani. this caused an assumption that I may speak against Fabrica, on the contrary I always spoke with love and helped people to go to Fabrica, 3 of them went. This assumption caused ex-partner of Turkish Benetton to put me in black list of advertising agencies. I could not find job for many years.

I figured out this in 2010 and wrote a letter to a middle man between me and Turkish partner basically which was saying let’s forget these 12 years, I don’t want money, I want my name back. Middle man asked me questions in panic If I have proof, whom do I talk to, how detailed I know etc.

For a few days I was surrounded with gunned men of Turkish partner, I walked through out some death traps by chance. This behavior made me frustrated after my “let’s forget 12 years” mail and I asked damages of 12 years with calculation every second of it. Death traps continued, Benetton disagreed my death and saved my life but Turkish partner made a wrong assumption of my character profile and thought I may give harm to him one day with the anger of 12 years.

He started to give me radiation with micro wave weapons for showing my death as an ordinary cause in the long term. Now he gave up from my death he wants to castrate my life and continue this torture as a game. I tried to stop him in many ways, I looked for a solution. I couldn’t stop.

I went to psychiatrist in the beginning to invalidate my word because of dangerous things I have seen for a consensus hope. Now they are using that reports against me like this torture never exist. I don’t have any limits left. I’m not just being tortured, he is using his wealth and relations to limit and isolate my life. I want to continue my life as who I’m, as a free man and forget about this case but he prevents and wants to keep me in the same state and continue what he does to me. My life became a playground for him, my suffer, pain is his joy.

My full name is Abdullah Oguz Icsoz in Turkish alphabet it is Abdullah Oğuz İçsöz. I’m a film director and 41 years old. My address is Altay sokak, Ata sitesi 1. Blok D/10 Merter/Istanbul Postcode 34173 Turkey. My mobile is+90 535 951 30 14 My home tel: +90 212 554 85 31

Please make as much as coverage in alternative media, independent media. Please aware as much as people you can. Please reach as much as people who can help me.
Your help is vital.